Monday, April 4, 2011

How a hacker can gain access to your PC?

There are many ways in which a hacker can gain access to your PC. Infect it depends on the ability of hacker, in how many ways he/she can break into your PC. I am going to list how a hacker exploits already existing things to get his job done. Hacker needs to have the security feature turn off from your PC so that he can get into easily. The process now gets divided into two cases.

1.Hacker makes a fool out of you and you yourself help the hacker.
2.Hacker exploits the level of security you have on your PC.

Second option is the most difficult for a hacker (Remember, most difficult but not impossible). It’s like you are fully armed at your end and he still manages to break into the security. The first option is very easy. A novice hacker to a Pro hacker, every class of hacker uses it and this is what I am going to explain in detail here.

Phishing Art: A fake page is designed looking exactly like a genuine one where users are asked to login & when they do it, details are sent to the hacker.

What you can do?

Always check the URL where you are logging in and if you find something suspicious, just close the window and open the page by typing the URL.

Trojans: Trojans are malicious program that disguised itself as something useful and attracts users. Users installing up the so called useful application end up with the malicious code installed on the system. Trojans can capture screenshots, log every key stroke, allow access to your hard disk and can use your PC for other hacking stuff.

What you can do?

Never use cracks, any suspicious tools & use security suite on PC.

Exploiting Vulnerability:
This is what I am going to explain because this is the most important method on which every hacker works on. Every thing has flaws, nothing is perfect in this world. This is why beta versions & updates are released for fixing vulnerabilities left in the applications. Lets there is a application APP which has a flaw A which can be used to gain access to B which further allows you to control Z and Z allows you to take over the control of PC. Now this process of handling control can go from A to B, B to C can go on till Z. That means leading to a small flaw you can have access to a series of process/features which eventually allows to take over the PC.

What you can do?

Keep yourself updated with all patches of any software application you use.

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