Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Installing the Apache Web Server

Installing Apache by using the .msi installer is just a matter of filling in a few details and choosing the default options.

Download link :
Double click the apache_1.3.xx-win32-x86-no_src.msi file (where xx can be any number).

The “Apache HTTP Server Installation Wizard” will appear. Fill in the fields as below but replace the Server Name with the name of your computer and the email address with your email address. Make sure you have selected “Run as a service for all users” and click “Next”.

The next option relates to the type of setup. As shown below, make sure “complete” is selected and click “next”.

When asked which folder to install to, choose the default (C:\Program Files\Apache Group)

and click “Next” then “Install”.

To test the Apache installation go to using a web browser of your choice.
If you can see the “Test Page for Apache Installation” (like the one shown in the image below) you have successfully installed Apache.

If you cannot see the Apache test page, try restarting the Apache server (Start > Programs > Apache HTTP Server > Control Apache Server > Restart) and try to go to again.
If you still cannot see the Apache test page, the Apache installation was either incomplete or incorrect – try reinstalling Apache.

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