Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Protect your USB / flash / thumb / pen drive from Virus

“Prevention is better than Cure” – You may have heard this.This is the right way.Prevent the entry of virus.It’s the easiest and safest way to defend the Virus

Make your Drive ‘Read Only’ to all other computers expect yours.

Format it With NTFS File system

As per default, windows doesn’t provide the option to format your pen drive in NTFS system, it ony supports the FAT32 file system. (see the screenshot),But we can change it.

** Right click on My computer and open the system ‘properties‘ window
** Select The ‘Hardware‘ Tab and select the ‘Device Manager’ From it

** Expand (+) the Disk Drive from it
** Select the Name of your Pendrive From the list
** Right click on the pen drive and select the properties from the window shown.

** Now a New window will come
** Select the tab called policies from it
** There you will see two options Optimize for quick Removal and Optimize for performance.By default The Optimize for quick removal will be checked.Change it and check on the Optimize for performance.

** Now click OK
** Now select your USB drive,[ eg: from my computer - (H:)your USB name ] and right click on it

**select ‘format’ option

** A new window will come showing the formatting options.

** Select the file system as NTFS from it.

** Click on Start
** Done !! – :~)

Now it has been formated with NTFS and it’s read only for all other systems expect yours.Only you can add informations to the pendrive.But in case if you want to add datas to the pen drive from any other PC, just change the USB – properties – policies – Optimize for quick Removal.Also, By this trick you can see a great increase in the speed and perfomance of your pen drive too.It’s because it’s now optimized for performance.

** Don’t plug out the USB without clicking the ‘Saftly remove…..’ Button.

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