Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to activate Kaspersky 2012 license using a key file

Tutorial – Activating Kaspersky 2012 license using key file
1. Open Kaspersky 2012 License Manager by clicking ‘Insert your activation code here’ or ‘Manage License’ (from lower right corner).
 Kaspersky 2012
2. Click the ‘Activate the application’ button.
 Kaspersky 2012_activate application
3. Disable your Internet connection (either disable Network adapter from control panel or turn off your modem/router).
4. Select the ‘Activate commercial version’ radio button and enter the activation code as 11111-11111-11111-1111X. (Delete any trial key first if you want, by clicking the red X next to the license number).
KIS 2012_activate
5. Click Next, you will then get the option to activate kaspersky using a key file.
KIS 2012_activate using key file
6. Browse to the key location on your computer and activate kaspersky using a key file. You can then turn on your Internet connection.
P.S. Process tested on Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Beta (version

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