Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to change MAC (Medium Access Control) address of NIC

As you probably know every NIC (Network Interface Card) has unique address and has various aliases like BIA,Hardware address,Physical address.So, why on Earth we need to change the MAC address?
Let me explain a little bit of networking funda, most of the packet Switches has facility known as port security which allows network admin to limit access to ports by monitoring the MAC address.Which means it can be set to allow only certain MAC address or first 2-3 MAC addresses learned dynamically.
  If your ISP has turned on this feature then you can connect only one or two devices to Internet.What if you want more? Now you got why to change , in this case  fake, MAC address.You can do this by following ways,

By changing network address field in properties of NIC:
Go to Control Panel>Network Connection(XP) or similar in WIndows 7
then right click on the NIC >Properties> Configure >Advance >Network Address enter the allowed MAC address

Or by using free utility Technitium MAC Address Changer
download here 

Follow steps ,images are self explanatory

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