Your resume did exactly what it was supposed to do. But now comes the next phase – your interview. If you are wondering how to do well in an interview, you’ve come to the right place. To interview well for a job you must be prepared and that preparation begins long before the interview. Follows this tips on how to interview well and you won’t be disappointed.

Know how to do well in a job interview – 7 tips

1. Be Informed About the Company
Knowing where to go for your interview and how long a company’s been around isn’t good enough.
The more information about the company that you can gather, the better you will do in your interview. Learn about the company’s culture, how many people it employs, and the type of people they employ, etc.
2. Always be Yourself
One of the most common mistakes made during the interview process is that the interviewee acts the way he/she think the interviewer wants them to be.
Be yourself, answer honestly but always keeping mind you are selling yourself. Answer questions with the position in mind, stressing skills, accomplishments, and experience that are relevant.
3. Listen Carefully to the Question
Listen carefully to the question the interviewer is asking.
Listen to the words and to the intonations, which can present subtle messages. Never jump to answer before the interviewer is finished speaking.
4. Show Just how Motivated You are for the Position
Show your interviewer just how interested you are in the position.
Demonstrate just how motivated you are throughout the interview. Leave no doubt in the interviewer’s mind of just how much you want this position.
5. Remember it’s a Two Way Street
The interview should be a two-way conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee, so have all your questions ready before the interview.
If you have other questions that arise during the interview don’t be afraid to ask them. Interviewers like candidates that are engaged in the process.
6. Dress Up
You should always wear traditional business attire or casual business attire for causal work environment.
Even if the workplace is a blue jeans work environment that’s not how you should show up for your interview. For financial, insurance, or other similar work environments traditional business attire is a must. The only exception to business attire is if you are applying in a trendy establishments that expects its workers to look trendy. More interview opportunities are lost because the wrong attire was worn.
7. Read Your Resume From the Interviewers Point of View
Besides editing your interview several times for grammatical errors and spelling, you should read your interview like you are the interviewer and know nothing about you. Does it make sense? Are there any blanks in your resume? Is the order correct?

Are You Ready for Your Interview?

Of course you are! You were born ready.
These tips will just ensure that you are not only ready but at ease for the interview. Being nervous is common, but you can reduce the tension and nervousness just by being ready.
“Doing well on your interview is a bit like a game of chess – you are going to want a strategy!”