Thursday, August 11, 2011

How To Make XP System a Router

IP Forwarding is a very good feature in Windows  XP using which a XP machine can be made to act like a router. So, next time you set up home network do consider this. So how to do it?
You will require at least 2 or more NIC(commonly known as LAN Cards) to setup this. OR alternatively on second NIC you can connect a switch. Why multiple NIC's?  Its obvious,
1st: NIC that directly connect to internet.
Other: NIC which will act just any other  interface of router holding other network.(It will also act as default gateway)

Lets take an example, see fig below,

In the figure as you can see there are 3 NIC one of which connects directly to Internet other two are used as router interface to create  different networks.Lets start,

First we have to enable IP forwarding, to do that
Go to Run> type regedit
then follow path  

 Right click IPEnableRouter registry object, and click Modify

In the value data field enter 1. Its done click OK.

Now configure the network cards on the  XP machine (router) with following info,
Network Card A (connect to network A):
Gateway (GW): [leave it blank]

Network Card B (connect to network B):
Gateway (GW): [leave it blank]

Network Card C (connect to Internet via cable/dsl connection)
This information will be based on the Internet connection service which you have subscribed.

Configure all the computers in network A with following information.
Network A
Gateway (GW):

Configure all the computers in network B with following information.
Network B

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