Thursday, August 11, 2011

Positive and Negative Qualities for an Interview

Positive Qualities That Can Get You Hired

In fact, it’s a well-known fact that interviewers will hire someone they lie over a more experienced applicant they don’t like. The lesson here is to apply for any job you are interested in even if you do not have all the qualifications, because if they like you and they see your potential, you could easily land the job. Here are 10 key qualities that can take priority over qualifications.
1. Confidence
When you are confident, others will see this, especially your interviewer who will be able to put his/her confidence in you because you believe in yourself.
2. Positive Attitude
Just as negative energy is an instant turn-off, positive energy will draw people to you, and that includes the interviewer who will be visualizing what your attitude can do for the organization.
3. Leadership
Every industry requires leaders, and leadership skills can be applied unilaterally. When you demonstrate lateral leadership skills, your interviewer is likely to discuss with you more openly your role as a leader.
4. Great Manners
When you are respectful and courteous it shows a degree of kindness that’s appealing to the interviewer, because they know this type of person gets on well with others and is a good mix with customers, other employees, managers, and owners.
5. Communication Skills
You can be the nicest person on the planet, but if you have poor communication skills you will not be able to sound intelligent, come across as trustworthy and prepared, and show your confidence. When you can articulate well, the interviewer will see this as a big plus.
6. Sincerity
Business relationships are built on trust. So when you are honest and sincere during the interview this bodes well for you. If you are dishonest during the interview your body language is likely to give you away and that won’t be beneficial. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there in the interview and be willing to be open even if you feel exposed or at risk by doing so.
7. Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm is catchy and it excites recruiters and interviewers because they know that it’s a positive experience for the entire staff. It also has a way of showing your own drive and that impresses the interviewer. Bottom line – don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm during an interview.
8. Relevant Industry Knowledge
If you want to impress the interviewer be up to date on relevant information pertaining to the industry you are applying in as well as the company itself. Know trends and stats that you can discuss during the interview. You’ll impress the interviewer and move yourself that much closer to being hired.

Negative Qualities That Can Get You Passed Over

There are a number of negative qualities that can take you from being in the running to out the door, even if you have the necessary qualifications. They include
  • A negative attitude

  • Dishonesty

  • Lack of overall interest in the interview

  • Looking bored

  • The inability to communicate clearly

Even when you don’t have all the qualifications, put your positive qualities forward and see the outcome.

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