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Sample Phone Interview Questions | Phone Interview Answers

In brief: “Phone interviews not only decrease the number of resources that are needed for hiring an employee, but they also ensure that the time taken for the entire interview process is reduced.
This article offers advice for your incoming phone interview with a sample of phone interview questions and suggested answers and tips.”
Technology has increased by leaps and bounds, and it has changed almost everything that we know today. A few years ago job interviews were held only on the office premises and physically – Face to face.
However, today, with the advent of new communication tools, phone interviews are the order of the day – The first candidate’s selection.
Therefore, if one wants to face an interview over the phone successfully, he/she needs to prepare for this type of an interview.

3 Tips for a Phone Interview – Telephonic Interview

1. Your resume should be available:
One of the first aspects to remember while answering the sample phone interview questions is that your resume should be available and in clear view before the beginning of the conversation. Also, you should ensure that there are no voice disturbances around you when the telephone interview is taking place.
2. Keep your voice clear:
Remember that in a phone interview, the only communication that you have with the person is your voice. Therefore, keep your voice clear, conversant and non confusing. Also, keep in mind that your answers should be short, precise and to the point.
3. Do not smoke or chew:
Make sure that you are not smoking or chewing any kind of gum while speaking over the phone. Many people would be put off with the constant noise and hang up the phone interview.

Sample Phone Interview Questions and Suggested Phone Interview Answers

Most of the questions asked during a phone interview would be more or less the same as a question during the physical job interview.
For example, a sample telephonic interview questions and phone interview answers could be:
1. Why did you leave your previous job?
This is a tough interview question. As in a physical interview, make sure that you give a simple, truthful and precise answer. Do not try to blame your ex colleagues or ex boss, because it generally creates a negative idea about your professionalism.
2. What is your current position in the company?
Make sure that you do not go into specifics and just give them a general idea about your profile and work experience in the company that you are working in.
3. Proper research:
Firstly, the interview may start off with a simple question – “what do you know about the company?” Make sure that you have done the proper research before handling the phone interview. Any fumbling or nervousness on your part will make you come across as a person who is not completely prepared for the interview.
4. Your availability:
A possible interview question could be – about a date when you can join the company. Make sure that you have the answer to this question ready. If you fumble or leave this question for later, chances are that they might not be sure that you are quite sure about you decision to quit from your company or not. Of course, you do not need to give the exact time and date, but you would have to provide them with a basic time frame.
5. Tell me about your strengths and your weaknesses:
Other than that, you would also be asked about your strengths and weaknesses; make sure that you provide the proper answers, which do not seem to be a blame game.
These are just a list of interview questions (and answers for the same) - Some of the questions that may be asked in your phone interview

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