Thursday, August 11, 2011

Successful Interview: How to Have a Successful Interview

You presented a top-notch resume, and you received a call for an interview.
Now you need to know how to do a successful interview. We’ll cover some great tips on how to interview well. We’ll look at what you should do and what you should avoid to ensure a successful job interview.

5 Top Tips for a Successful Interview Performance

To enjoy a successful interview there are 10 simple things to do before the interview.
1. Review the Resume
You may have your resume memorized but look at it from the interviewer’s point of view and see what might have caught their attention and were your advantage might lie.
2. Use the Internet to Learn About the Company
The web is a quick and easy way to find out all kinds of information about the hiring company including corporate officers, staffing, company policies, annual reports, and any recent press releases.
3. Rehearse the Interview
Will your interview earn you a Grammy or an award for the worst performance?
Practice really does make us perfect and so rehearse your interview plenty of times to make sure you have a winning performance and a successful interview.
4. Ask Questions
Have a list of questions ready. Just don’t make your first question how much you will be paid.
Ask questions that will help you to better understand the company and its mandate. By doing your homework and learning as much as you can about the company, you’ll be ready to ask questions as the opportunity arises.
5. Make a Good Impression
You have 15 minutes to make the impression that’s going to stay with your interviewer.
That means you should always come dressed in conservative business attire or at the very least for a more casual work environment causal business attire. You get one opportunity to make a first impression make the most of it. It also means your personal hygiene should be excellent.

Things to avoid for having a successful interview

What you should avoid during your interview is as important as what you should do. Let’s explore the mistakes during the interview that could cost you the job.

What to Avoid in Your Job Interview: The Worst Mistakes Interview Candidates Make

1. Make Showing up Late for an Interview
If you want to get dropped from the short list, show up late.
Even a couple of minutes is unacceptable. Always be early – this shows the interviewer you are conscientious about time.
2. Not Showing Any Real InterestIf you come across as not emotionally vested in the job during the interview process you can forget about getting the job.
The interviewer is looking for someone that shows enthusiasm and motivation and a genuine interest in the company.
3. Dressed Inappropriately First impressions count. Even for a causal work place it’s a smart idea to wear your business attire.
Never show up wearing your nightclub or casual attire.
4. Making Negative Comments About Your Current Employer
While the comments may be justified what will be going through the interviewers mind is what you will say about them if you should leave their company. It’s a real turn off.
5. Leaving Your Cell Phone on During The Interview Even if you don’t answer it, a cell phone ringing during an interview will be seen as rude an inappropriate.

Critical Mistakes Interview Candidates Make

While not the worst mistakes, these critical mistakes can also cost you the job.
  • Beginning to negotiate salary before the job is ever offered to you.

  • Not properly researching the company and not completely understanding what the job is about.

  • Acting arrogant.

  • Showing your nervousness.

  • Stumbling with your answers.

  • Not being able to express your strengths and weaknesses in your own words.

  • Not asking questions.

  • Claiming expertise in a wide variety of fields.

  • Talking too much or not talking enough.

“A successful interview is like going to a great movie – you’re disappointed when it’s over.”

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