Thursday, September 29, 2011

How To Terminate UTP Cable to Toolless Modular Jack

Last post I talked about how to terminate to Modular Jack, it was not hard at all right? There are also modular jacks type that are toolless.
The toolless jacks allow you to terminate UTP cable without the punch down impact tool, though you still have to use cable stripper and scissor, so they're not exactly toolless.

The one that I once tried using before was the one from AMP, lets see if they really cut down the time in terminating the cables.

The tools you need is exactly the same when terminating to regular jacks, but you can exclude the punch down impact tool and add a cutting tools like scissor or cutter.
Here are the steps:

Step One:

Still same with the regular jacks, strip the cable jacket and untwist the cables.

Step Two:

Insert the cables to the holes according to the color codes printed on the jack

Now this process takes a little bit more time if this is your first time terminating cables to toolless jacks.
Step Three:
Cut the excess cables using scissor or cutter, it would be easier to use technician scissor.

Make sure you cut them in even length.

Step Four:

Close the cover using your hand, this is quite hard, just close it until you're sure it's firmly closed, and attach the jack to the wall face plate.

There you have it, toolless modular jack termination.
In my opinion, I prefer to use the regular jack instead of the toolless ones, I'm more used to terminate to the regular ones and for me, it's harder to arrange the cables in the toolless jacks.
Then again it's up to you to choose, in term of price, the regular and the toolless jacks are not too much different, but the punch down impact tools do cost some good amount of money

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