Saturday, September 24, 2011

Modem and Connection Problems

56 kbps Dial up Modems Problems and Solutions.

You installed windows. You installed the modem and dialup networking. You created a new dialup connection. But when you try to connect thru your phone line, It doesn't work. The Modem can not detect the dial tone. What may be the problem? Here are a list of solutions you can try.
Applicable to : Windows 95/98/98SE/ME. (May work with other versions as well.)

  • Check the telephone line. Some times the telephone line may be faulty or your telephone may be out of order. See if you can hear the dial tone thru telephone.
  • Check the connection jacks. Try removing and re-inserting the jack. Also make sure that the telephone line connection jack is connected to "line" port of the modem not "phone" port.
  • If it is an internal modem, try using another PCI slot for the modem. Some times this solves the problem ( especially in case of IRQ conflicts. )
  • Drivers may not be installed properly or some driver files may be corrupt. Try re-installing modem drivers. If possible try downloading updated drivers for modem & use them.
  • Try diagnosing the modem. Go to Start => Settings => Control Panel => Modems. Click Diagnostics tab. select the modem port and click "More Info.." button. The system tries to communicate with modem, and displays the result as given in bellow picture. Check the red color indicated info on your system. It should be as shown bellow. Else there is a modem/driver/IRQ problem.
  • 56kbps internal Dial up modem trouble shooting
  • If possible try installing your modem on your friends pc and see if it works.
  • If you have used telephone line dividers (like connecting same line to EPBX, fax, telephone and your modem), try removing all dividers and connect only the modem to the line. In some cases this will work.
  • Try increasing the Modems speaker volume and see if you can hear any thing.
  • Go to Start => Settings => Control Panel => Dialup Networking. Right click on a connection name and select properties. In the General tab, click Configure button. Select Connection tab and uncheck the Wait for dial tone before dialing.
  • 56kbps internal Modem Dial Tone	 Detection
  • If every thing fails, call Expert

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