Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Choose a Right Network Type

• STEP 1: Connecting your computer wirelessly over the radio waves is carried out by a specialized router called an access point. One access point is enough for networking an averaged sized home. The trade name of this technology is Wi-Fi or 802.11b. One important thing is that all the Wi-Fi products should be compatible with each other. Wireless communication is important for the people who go from room to room with their wireless laptops or they want to use their laptops in airports, hotels, cafes and other places where wireless service is available.

• STEP 2: Next you use your home’s wiring to connect the router to each computer with a powerline network. HomePlug is the trade name of this technology. It is seen that HomePlug networks are more secure than the Wi-Fi. But as compared to the Wi-Fi it is a new technology and is more expensive than Wi-Fi technology.
• STEP 3: Hook up with the Ethernet 10-Base-T or 100-Base-7. Ethernet is the best choice if your router, broadband internet connection and all the computers all in one room. Due to the cabling, involved in the Ethernet, it’s less flexible than the others.

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