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A server computer is normally equipped with the extra hardware such as external memory, hard disk and processor. A server can perform many tasks simultaneously and process different types of requests such as logon requests, files storage, print requests, internet access and many other requests. There are many types of the servers that perform different tasks such as handline file requests, logon requests, internet access, time management and synchronization, fax services and network storage services.

FILE SERVER: A file server is a dedicated computer in a network that is used to store the files such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, financial data and other useful information. Typically a file server has a large memory and additional hard disks. Server itself and all the client computers stores data on the file server and access it again when required. Additionally, file server software such as Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server also acts as the logon server and process the logon requests of the client computers.

PRINT SERVER: A print server is a network computer or a specifically designed device to which print devices or printers are attached. A network print server is used to serve the client’s printing requests from all over the network. A Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 computer can serve as a print server. The client computers connect with the print server by using Microsoft Network Printing Protocol.

PROXY SERVER: A network proxy server is an intermediate computer between the client computers in a network and the internet. A proxy server forwards the client’s requests for the specific web pages to the web server. A proxy server when receive the response from the web server (in the form of web pages) it stores a copy of every web page in its cache. So that if next time another client request for the same web page it won’t go to web server for this page, instead it will return the web request from its own cache. A proxy server is software program and when installed on a computer, the computer acts as a proxy server. The most commonly used proxy server programs are WinGate, Win Proxy, and Microsoft ISA Server etc.

WEB SERVER: A web server is a computer that is used to respond the client’s HTTP requests (usually web browsers) and return the response in the form of the web pages, images, voice files, graphics, video clips and others. A single web server is capable to host many websites. Web servers also host shared web based applications and a large number of clients access them simultaneously. Some applications on the web server require some authentication methods such as login name and password. Some dynamics content and applications host on the web server used some related interfaces such as JSP, ASP, PHP, CGI and .NET. HTTPS is used to establish a secure connection between the client and the web server and it is normally used during the credit cards transactions, online shopping where high security is required. A web server is also known as a virtual host when it hosts a large number of the websites on the same IP address.

DATABASE SERVER: There are many database server programs such as Oracle, MySql, and Microsoft Sql 2000. A database server program is used to process the database services. In a client/server networking model, the server component of the database servers (Oracle, MYSQL, and SQL2000) is installed on the server computer and client component of the database program is installed on the client computers in a network. Network distributed applications use database at the backend, which is usually installed on the server computer. In network computing, a database computer should be configured separately and in the enterprise network a large number of the database computers are used, which synchronized with each other.

VIDEO SERVER: A Video server is an online storage computer that is used to provide the video and voice access to the network clients. A video server is used in the broadcast industry, entertainment and in news. A video server also provides online course and lectures to the registered users from all over the world.

STORAGE SERVER: A storage server is high quality and high speed storage device or a computer that is used to store the data of the network applications that are running on the other computers in a network.

TIME SERVER: A time server is a multipurpose, dedicated network computer that is used to compare the time from the atomic clocks and distribute the time among the other network computers. A file server can become a time server by using the NTP (Network time protocol). A NTP is used to synchronizing and distributing the time in a network.

ACCESS SERVER: Access server or Remote Access server is a network device or a computer that is used to access the network by a larger number of the network users. ISP mostly has RAS servers configured and access by a large number of the users.

FAX SERVER: A fax server is software program and when it is installed on a file server, it acts as a Fax server. A fax server is usually a dedicated server attached with a dedicated fax device, fax modem and a telephone line. The fax software receives the fax and converts in the fax form. In the big networks, a fax server can be used as a dedicated computer. There are many only fax services providers like efax.com and upon subscribing to them you can send fax all over the world with a low cost fees.

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