Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Network Software Overview & General System Admin Utilities

This section provides the overview of the network software such as free LAN/WAN tools, tutorials and labs, LAN troubleshooter, WAN optimizer, sniffer, traceroute, IP finder, whois lookup, administration, LAN security, Admin tools & proxy server software, protocol analyzers, remote computing, FTP software and many others.
Software or program enables a computer to perform the specified tasks. This includes the application software such as Win word and system software like operating systems.  A network is made up of two ore more computers that are linked together either wired or wireless to share data and resources and network can also be used to transmit information from one computer to another, to play games to talk to a friend and to share a common network resource. Network software is the information, programming or data used to make it possible for a computer to communicate with other computers or devices.
IP Addressing Utilities
If you are on the dial-up connection your IP address usually changes every time when you connect to the internet in case of (dynamic IP) and thus makes it difficult for the people to connect directly to your machine.

Misc. Communication Tools
In this category you will find various internet/network tools and utilities that are not fit in any other category.
Network Administration
Here you will be able to find the tools necessary for the network administrator to manage their networking tasks such as auditing, LAN troubleshooting, deployment and remote control panel tools.

Communication Information
Here you will find various system admin related utilities like Ping, Trace Router, Finger, WhoIs, IP finder and many others.
Communication Monitoring
This is a collection of the best tools to monitor the performance of a network servers, clients or Internet servers and communication device.
Domain Lookup Tools
Here you will find the details about the owner of a website and you can also search for the available domain names by different keywords and other criteria.
The Newsgroups are like the electronic bulletin boards to share the information and the tools in
this category will allow you to connect and manage the contents.
Protocol Analyzers
Protocols analyzers are referred to as Packet Sniffers. The tools in this category will allow you to analyze your network traffic with different graphical overview, monitoring and also troubleshootingof the devices.
Proxy Server Software
The proxy servers allow you to share control and filter the internet connection. Proxy serves also
act as the internet gateway for your LAN.
FTP Programs
FTP is a file transfer protocol, which allows you to connect to other computers and download or upload the files. You can connect to your FTP server, where you have hosted your website through FTP client program such as FTP voyager, AceFTP, CuteFTP and other. In this category
you will find various FTP related .
Traffic Scanner Tools
These tools will allow you to scan your network, open ports and for the possible virus threats,
security breaches and other vulnerabilities. Here you will find a list of the traffic tester software.
Communication Testing
If you want to test your network or web applications, connectivity, check performance and simulate user activities then you can find a list of the software here in this category.
Tools & Suites
The Tool suites that combine a popular computer networking tools such as PING, Finger, Traceroute and many other tools.
Remote Computing
In this list of software you will be able to connect to the remote computer and you can share data, file and documents and even you will software for the remote administration purposes.
Telnet & SSH Clients
Here is a list of the various clients’ software that allows you to connect to a computer using the Telnet protocol.
Time Synchronization Tools
These software will allow your PC’s time to Synchronize with the atomic clocks over the Internet.Trace route Utilities
Traceroute utilities will allow you to determine the origin and path of the connection. Some of the tools even provide the detailed geographical information on a globe map, allowing you to trace the location of a server or user.


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