Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Network Support

When a computer network goes down, the overall operations within an organization can be affected. In an LAN/WAN network infrastructure, technical support is required throughout the lifecycle of the computer network. A network is composed of communication devices such as router, switches, hubs, distributed applications, cables, servers and workstations.  Errors can arise due to the malfunctioning of these devices and applications.  Network technicians use troubleshooting tools to resolve the errors that are generated by the software applications and devices and they help to manage LAN and WAN infrastructure effectively.
  They install, setup, configure, monitor and troubleshoot the overall IT infrastructure.  Technicians perform the specific tasks based on their technical skills and experience. The need of the technical support executives arises to avoid a network from the excessive downtime, security threats and other issues.  Technicians need to specialize in the operating systems, securities, network technologies and the applications that the employees use.
Many IT Solutions companies provide technical services that include installation of the LAN/WAN, wireless network, firewall configurations, remote desktop support, setting up router, antivirus, data recovery, web conferencing, email and the services for the intranet systems.  The network support technicians are responsible for multiple activities in a network.  The key responsibilities include the following.

Key Responsibilities
  • Installing, configuring, Monitoring and troubleshooting the software applications and network devices.
  • Taking data backup regularly.
  • Training users on new software and hardware.
  • Recommending the purchase of new devices or software
  • Maintaining records.
  • Documenting the whole network.
  • Securing the network from the viruses, spyware, hackers and other internal/ external threats.
In organizations with big IT infrastructure, the technicians are specialized in the maintenance, user support, network operations, data recovery and securities. Based on the skills and expertise of the technical support specialists they are capable of providing the services in the following different areas.
LAN Support
A LAN or Local Area Network is consists of the computers, Ethernet cables and devices such as Hub/Switch or router. The LAN support specialists are responsible for the monitoring, backup, securities and troubleshooting the day to day problems in a LAN infrastructure.
WAN Support
A WAN or wide area network is a network that covers a broader geographical location e.g. a network between two cities, two countries and two continents. WAN support specialists are responsible for providing the support for WAN operations, router configurations, troubleshooting, protocol analysis, monitoring bandwidth utilization and resources management.
Wireless Solutions
A wireless network is installed, configured and setup with the need of the clustered wires.  It is equally important to administer it as a LAN/WAN.  The major problems arise in the wireless network includes securities, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting the day to day issues. Wireless support individuals are specialized and are responsible for handling these issues.
Antivirus Solutions & Securities
Securing an IT infrastructure is the most important job task of the network administrators and the network consultants.  For a large scale network, the security related issues are handled by the specialized technical individuals.  A computer network is susceptible to many internal and external threats including virus attacks, spyware, adware, Trojan horses, hackers’ attacks and unauthorized access.  Security specialists are responsible for keeping the infrastructure secure and smooth.
Data Recovery/Disaster Recovery
Data recovery is another important field and data recovery specialists are capable for recovering the lost data due to formatting, virus attack, mechanical failure with the recovery technicians and specialized tools.  Data recovery specialists are an important part of the help desk staff.


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