Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recover Corrupt or Deleted Images from the Memory Card


Recover Corrupt or Deleted Images from the Memory Card

You can use any data recovery tool to recover a file present which has not been overwritten by some other data but what if the image has been corrupted? In this situation too, you can try out this tool called ZAR data recovery software.
The tool is able to recover most image files even if the image file is corrupted, you just need to download and install the tool and use the data recovery process of the tool. Click the Image Recovery button, select the drive having the USB card reader attached and let the data recovery process start.
After the completion of the process, the tool will display all the images recovered from which you can select the image to save to the system. You can read the complete recovery process listed at the tool website listed below.
The tool is able to recover pics and images in the following cases:
•    The images are deleted before copying to the PC
•    The card is accidentally formatted
•    Some camera failure occurred and the images are not accessible any longer
Note: Data recovery is possible if you connect the camera directly however it is not that reliable, thus you should connect your card to the card reader first and then recover the images.
Download ZAR data recovery software

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