Monday, March 12, 2012

How to Install Windows From a USB Flash Drive

On computer without CD/DVD drive 
you must change the first boot order to USB Flash drive from BIOS. How to do this?

Change Boot order from BIOS:
This is just for example (Aspire 4710)
your BIOS interface may be slightly different

Step 1:
Plug a Flash drive into a USB port on your computer/laptop

Step 2:
Turn on your laptop then hit F2 rapidly (or Del for some other machine)
then go to Boot tab > change boot order > then hit F10 key to Save and Exit

Now you can boot from USB Flash drive, first select

1st, text mode setup (Boot from flash again after finished)
then... on the first restart, select
2nd, GUI mode setup, continue setup + 1st start of Windows
Install Windows XP as usual...

Good luck...

Video Tutorial Step by Step

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