Friday, June 22, 2012

CD/DVD Drive Utilities for Windows

 A colletion of the best  tools for making your PC drives region FREE and provide firmware patches and drive info.
MCSE - Great Utility for rip lock removal,region free, media write strategy changes and more...........

MatshitaWinDump - Windows Utility to Dump Matshita Firmware/Patch to RPC1

MatshitaWinFlash - Windows Flash utility for Matshita Drives, flash Stock and RPC1 Firmwares

ImgBurn - Can read, write, build, verify image files, and more...........

DVRFlash - Flashing Pioneer Drives with new and old firmware, as well as Crossflashing

DiscInfo - Utility to see information about a Drive's Status

VSO Inspector - get your hardware details, Media ID and get stats online about success rate of your discs and writers

Nero CD-DVD Speed - A program for testing optical drives and media

DvdInfo - Useful program for information on Drives, Media, setting booktype and more

Omnipatcher - Tool to patch liteon firmwares

BinFlash - Utility to Backup, flash NEC based drive's firmware

Samsung Patch Utility - Modify firmwares to RPC1, Read speed, and more

LG Renesas Firmware Utility Mac/Linux/Windows - Flash and Dump Bin firmware to certain LG Drives

Optimal Writing Speed Utility - Pioneer 116/216 Utility

DVD Region Killer - Program to enable the user to play all region DVD's

AnyDVD - Enables bypassing of Drive and Software Region Limits, also HD/Blueray

LtnRPC - Removes Region Lock on MTK Chipset Drives, (Liteon and more)
UnderCoverXP - Printing CD/DVD Covers and more

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