Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Launch Hiren's BootCD from USB Flash Drive

Hiren's Boot Disk contains the diagnostic programs to repair your computer's operating system if it should experience a hard drive crash or critical system error. If you have Hiren's Boot Disk loaded on a  pen drive, boot your computer from the USB port to use the utilities on the drive.

Step 1
Connect USB Pen Drive (1GB or more)
                                                  Step 2
           Download and Run USB Disk Storage Format USBFormat.zip(34KB)

                                                                          Step 3
       Download grubinst_gui grub4dos.zip(179KB) and Run as Administrator

Step 4
Download Hiren`s Boot  CD
Extract Hirens.BootCD.15.2.zip
                                                                         Step 5
                                  Copy grldr and menu.lst from grub4dos.zip 

                                 all extracted data from Hirens.BootCD.15.2.to the usb drive


Test Your USB Drive

Make sure you set your computer to boot from USB Flash Drive

                                                                          Step 1

                         Plug the pen drive into one of the available USB ports on your computer.

                                                                         Step 2

Restart your computer. Watch for the BIOS prompts to appear on the screen. The prompt reads something along the lines of "Press DEL to enter setup." Press the designated key to open the BIOS setup utility for your computer.

                                                                           Step 3

Navigate to the "Boot" menu. The "Boot" menu displays the boot order of the computer. Highlight the "USB/Zip" option in the list and press the "+" key to move the "USB" option to the top of the list.

                                                                             Step 4

Press the "F10" key to save the changes to your settings, and confirm that you want to change the settings in the confirmation window that appears. Your computer automatically restarts and opens the Hiren's Boot Disk program. Click to the option you want to use and click "Next."

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