Wednesday, December 10, 2014

IT & desktop support interview questions and answers

A customer complains that his computer is working slowly. What things should you check?     
Check the following:  
- Is start-up time longer than usual?
- Is it slower with one particular application or slower overall? 
- Are there any viruses, malware or spyware? 
- Available Hard Disk space.

What is your troubleshooting process?
The basic troubleshooting process is:   
- Identify the problem.
- Consider likely causes.
- Test theories to localize the cause.    
- Formulate and implement a plan to solve the problem.
- Verify that the problem is solved 

- Record your findings, what action you took and the outcome.

What is your least favorite aspect of desktop support?
This is designed to see how well you will fit with the present team. A good answer would be along the lines of being unable to solve a problem due to factors outside you control, like hardware failure for instance.

Describe a situation where you have had to deal with a difficult person and how you handled it? Do you think you should have done anything differently? 
This question is best answered by reference to a successful outcome to a difficult situation that you have encountered. In general terms, you could say that you understand the frustration of end users and that good communication often goes a long way to resolving issues.

Would you describe yourself as a problem solver? If so, why? Can you give any example
You should obviously give a positive answer. You should give examples that show that you can think critically and highlight your skills.

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